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Simply put, Henry Patent Law Firm designs and implements patent strategies for some of the world’s most forward-thinking tech companies.

We represent leading innovators who carry advanced credentials and boast significant industry experience—and they trust us to protect their most valuable and complex inventions.

Most important, we’re attorneys with backgrounds in technology—so we offer a deep understanding of not only patent law, but also the underlying science and technology.

IP Strategy Consulting

At some point, every tech company has questions. Can we patent this? Should we patent this? What will it cost? When does it make sense to file—and in which countries?

We help you navigate these questions on an ongoing basis, through every stage of development. We learn your business and your technology, and we show you how to optimize your resources by leveraging the patent system.

Relying on experience with businesses of all sizes and stages, we’ll help you create a strategy and a framework that informs every decision about when, where, and why you should file a patent application. And because things move fast and change even faster, we’ll provide the tools and insights to drive creative, flexible solutions in real time.

Armed with an understanding of best practices and backed by our unique expertise in technology, you can move forward quickly and with confidence.

What's the cost of the patent process?

Download The Free Infographic


Need to find out how much you’ll spend and when? We’ve created a free infographic to help you plan for the costs associated with securing protection for your intellectual property.

  • Costs to expect during the patent process — so you’re not surprised or unprepared for fees
  • Breakdowns of official government fees versus legal fees
  • Where costs occur during the patent-protection timeline
  • The cost of patent protection in a number of foreign countries

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Patent Preparation and Prosecution

For a typical patent application, a tech company will invest significant resources over several years. It’s a long game—and that’s the way we play.

We partner with clients to develop in-depth knowledge of their businesses and their patent portfolios. Our team has the technical acumen to understand your IP, the experience to fully recognize its implications, and the legal expertise to protect its value. We’ve crafted hundreds of pending and issued patents for highly complex innovations—and we’ve successfully navigated high-value licensing deals and high-stakes litigation matters.

From start to finish, our attorneys and agents will draft and file U.S. and international (PCT) patent applications, and then handle any and all correspondence with patent offices and examiners. And along the way, you can count on Henry Patent Law Firm to provide consistent service and attention—and to maximize efficiency and value throughout the process.

Are you ready to start the patent process?

Download The Free Checklist


When you’ve got game-changing technology on your hands, you can’t wait to share with the world — which also means protecting it from competitors.

But is now the right time to start moving forward with the patent process? Download our FREE checklist to find out. Learn the following:

  • What does a patent really do?
  • Does your invention have substance?
  • Do you have all the necessary resources lined up?
  • Is your business structure — and all the logistics — ironed out?
  • How should you proceed if you’re not quite ready to begin the patent process?

Dive deep into the patent process and get all your IP readiness questions answered.

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Global Portfolio Management

In a global, connected economy, virtually every tech company should consider foreign patent protection as part of their overall IP strategy.

Henry Patent Law Firm serves as a central point of contact for our clients’ foreign patent applications. Working with trusted local counsel in every major jurisdiction, we help clients navigate the complexities of filing and prosecuting patents throughout the world.

Many of the U.S. patents we’ve secured for our clients have also been approved by leading global patent offices, including the European Patent Office, the Japanese Patent Office, and others.

Our experience includes Canada, China, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, Israel, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Russia, and more.

IP Agreements

As your company does business with collaborators, customers, vendors, manufacturers, and other partners, your contracts with outside parties can be just as important as your patent applications in protecting your intellectual property and usage rights.

Our clients often rely on us to prepare and negotiate the contracts and legal agreements that affect intellectual property rights—including confidentiality agreements, nondisclosure agreements (“NDAs”), IP ownership agreements, joint development agreements, patent licensing agreements, and others.

When the opportunity arises to monetize your intellectual property through licensing or other models, we can draft custom agreements that protect your interests while maximizing the potential value in those relationships.

Are We a Good Fit?

If you’re a tech company and you need help developing a patent strategy or managing your patent portfolio, we’d love to connect with you and learn more about your business.