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Let's Reinvent
The Patent
Law Firm

It takes a certain kind of vision to lead the tech world. It takes a special kind of company to create something truly innovative. And we believe it takes a different kind of legal team to protect it all—not only the inventions, but also the spirit of ingenuity that moves societies forward.

That’s why we founded Henry Patent Law Firm. And when you work with us, this is what you and your company can expect:

We Know Your Stuff.

We love tech, we come from tech, and we get tech. And that gives us the foundation to understand your tech. That’s why we immerse ourselves in each client’s business and create patent strategies from every possible angle—accounting for the legal, technical, and business implications of their technological innovation.

We speak your language.

Of course, we’re fluent in legalese. But our true talents include our proficiency in science and technology, a firm command of the language of business, and the ability to spell it all out in plain English. In other words, we communicate efficiently and effectively with everyone involved in the patent process.

We respect your resources.

Patents can be costly. And our clients operate in the real world. So we work to develop effective patent strategies that fit their business models, and fair fee structures that satisfy stakeholders.

We love what we do.

We are honored and excited to learn from our clients, colleagues, and peers every day. That passion shows up in the form of honest advice, high-quality work, and efficient, professional service.

We’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies, preeminent research institutes, and venture-backed startups. We have years of legal experience and a global perspective, having worked for some of the world’s leading international law firms. Through those experiences, we’ve learned what tech leaders want: to harness the full power and potential of their innovations.

It’s a simple idea. We’ve simply got the people who can make it happen.

Get in touch. Whether you’re inquiring about a potential patent law matter or simply requesting more information about Henry Patent Law Firm, we look forward to connecting with you.