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When leaders have the security of protecting their companies’ core inventions, they can begin to look ahead to unlimited possibilities. See how we’ve helped these innovators succeed.

“Michael has been instrumental in our ability to quickly grow our patent portfolio. His team is a pleasure to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them if you’re looking for someone with the right technical knowledge!”

VP of Intellectual Property,
Rigetti Computing

“I’ve worked with many different firms before, and Henry Patent Law Firm is by far the easiest to work with. I would bring them in as part of any new venture going forward!”

Chief Executive Officer,
Cognitive Systems Corp.

“Henry Patent Law Firm has a very individual, very tailored approach that takes into consideration the context of what the startup is doing — the pace, the bandwidth, the personas of the people interfacing with you.”

DUST Identity

“Michael used every step along the way as a teaching process for us because he knew we were inexperienced. He takes his time to really explain what his rationales behind his suggestions are, and how we should consider our patent portfolio from where our company is right now versus where our company is going to be in a year or two.”

Founder and CEO,
Ommo Technologies

“As a company, IP is an extremely important part of our business. We want to continue to expand this as we grow as a company and we see Michael and his team as an integral part of that future.”

Chief Technological Officer,
ISARA Corporation

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