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For tech leaders engaged in critical research and development, nothing is more important than protecting the ideas and inventions that drive innovation. Your IP portfolio—effectively managed and executed—is your organization’s most powerful asset.

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New USPTO Guidance and Implications for Better Patent Drafting

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently issued new guidance on the topic of applicant admitted prior art (known as “AAPA”), and there are a couple of important takeaways for anyone drafting or prosecuting patent applications.


Given today’s interconnected global economy, tech companies should always consider foreign patent protection. But because of the high costs, you should prioritize filing in jurisdictions that actually offer your business a competitive advantage.

Patenting in a Pandemic: 4 Key Strategies for Managing Patent Portfolios in 2020

In the chaos of the global Coronavirus pandemic, tech companies are facing extraordinary challenges. We discuss how tech leaders can develop smart strategies for managing patent portfolios in turbulent times.

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