Within the company’s first two years, ISARA has already obtained seven issued patents.
ISARA has achieved a high allowance rate with the USPTO.

ISARA Corporation was founded in 2015 in response to the security threat that quantum computing currently poses to public key cryptography. To address this problem, ISARA is developing quantum-safe security solutions that can be used to protect classical computers across the globe.

Because of the technical complexity of its intellectual property (IP), ISARA needed a patent attorney who could bring an interdisciplinary background to the table. Henry Patent Law Firm presented an ideal solution: Its attorneys combined BigLaw experience with a high degree of technical expertise.

Since partnering with Henry Patent Law Firm, ISARA has obtained seven issued patents within its first two years as a company, and also achieved a high allowance rate with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


As a security solutions company dealing with the challenges of quantum computing, ISARA’s work spans a number of niche areas in both mathematics and computer science.

“All of these [areas] are often quite esoteric — in that not many people have experience in them — and they’re new in the sense that they often haven’t hit textbooks yet,” said Mike Brown, ISARA’s chief technological officer.

And given that its work appeals to a global market, ISARA is further looking to build a broad patent portfolio with an international focus.

Because of these complex technological needs, ISARA quickly saw the value of partnering with a patent attorney eager to dig in and learn from the expert-level innovators on its research and development team.


The founding members of ISARA are sophisticated consumers of legal services: they’d previously worked at large, multinational companies, which gave them the opportunity to collaborate with a number of different IP firms.

Through those experiences, ISARA’s founders realized that they would prefer to work with a small firm.

“The attention that we got from smaller, more focused IP firms was something that we benefited greatly from,” said Brown.

And because of the detailed and highly technical nature of their work, ISARA wanted to build a long-term relationship with an attorney who could get to know them from the ground up — and then tailor ISARA’s patent strategy accordingly.

With backgrounds in mathematics, cryptography, and quantum physics, Henry Patent Law Firm’s attorneys were an ideal match for ISARA’s needs.

ISARA’s choice was clear, Brown said: “Michael Henry was someone we wanted to work with from the very beginning.”


The value that Henry Patent Law Firm provided ISARA was apparent almost immediately. Michael Henry and his team were quick studies who could keep pace with ISARA’s rapid development across diverse technical mathematical areas, from lattices to isogeny-based cryptography.

“With his background, Michael was able to grasp the concepts that we were working on and contribute very quickly in terms of helping us understand the best way to characterize a lot of the IP innovation we’d been working on,” Brown said.

Henry Patent Law Firm’s responsiveness has been a key factor in ISARA’s ongoing success.Michael Henry was someone we wanted to work with from the very beginning.

Michael Henry was someone we wanted to work with from the very beginning.

For example, Henry Patent Law Firm consistently meets all of ISARA’s short-term filing needs — offering ISARA much-needed peace of mind in the face of looming publication deadlines.

Henry Patent Law Firm also helps facilitate smooth interactions between ISARA and the USPTO’s patent examiners. Thanks to the firm’s negotiation efforts, ISARA enjoys a high allowance rate with the USPTO.

“That interactive aspect of the filing process has been especially helpful for us,” Brown said.

ISARA has big plans for the future, including building a patent portfolio with a strong international focus. Armed with Henry Patent Law Firm’s strategic expertise, ISARA has found cost-effective solutions to develop an international patent strategy that meets its business needs.


In choosing Henry Patent Law Firm, ISARA has found a partner who understands both its technological and intellectual property needs.

It may still be relatively early days at ISARA, but the results that Henry Patent Law Firm has helped it achieve in only two years have been nothing short of remarkable. For one, ISARA has already received seven issued patents from the USPTO — with more to come in the near future.

“As a company, IP is an extremely important part of our business,” Brown said. “We want to continue to expand this as we grow as a company and we see Michael and his team as an integral part of that future.”


ISARA is a security solutions company specializing in creating class-defining quantum-safe cryptography that can be embedded into commercial products to secure data now and in the future. As a commercial solution provider within a rich academic and standards ecosystem, ISARA is part of a collaborative effort to raise awareness of the quantum threat, and design and implement quantum-safe solutions that will work globally.

For more information, visit www.isara.com.