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Diane Taylor

Paralegal, Firm Administrator

Diane Taylor is a patent paralegal and firm administrator at Henry Patent Law Firm. She handles the firm’s U.S. and international patent filings, coordinates docketing and workflow systems, and manages the firm’s office operations. Before joining Henry Patent Law Firm in 2017, Diane served as the senior patent paralegal at Ericsson’s U.S. headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Diane brings a thorough, detail-oriented mindset and an eagerness to support an efficient, client-oriented law practice. Diane has worked with both private companies and law firms in the Dallas area, primarily serving large businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Diane has been a certified paralegal since 2003. She’s also a registered U.S. patent agent, having passed the US patent office’s “patent bar” exam in 2006. In addition to her day-to-day work, Diane has often leveraged her more than decades of legal experience to act as a mentor to fellow legal assistants and paralegals.

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